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Our Story

As our world moves forward, people are taking their health in their own hands and searching for ways to augment conventional medicine with natural alternatives.

Mission:  To challenge the status quo of community pharmacy by integrating the conventional pharmacy model with evidence-based complementary medicines and cutting-edge products and services to improve the health and well-being of our clients; and to offer integrity and a personalized pharmacy experience where we listen to, inspire, and empower our clients to take control of their health and enjoy greater vitality, safely and sustainably.

Vision:  to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine and become an integrative and accessible hub of health for our clients.

Motto/Slogan:  Let us be your hub of health.


  • Compassionate We’re non-judgmental and welcoming, and our customers find us approachable.
  • Engagement and connection When we’re with a customer, nothing else matters.
  • Professional Before we recommend a remedy, we must be convinced of its evidence-backed efficacy and safety.
  • Integration We believe in combining the best of conventional and complementary medicine.
  • Innovation We question the status quo, listen, and get ‘outside the jar’ perspectives.
  • Positive, high energy We’re genuinely excited to be doing this good work. A good attitude is the first step to a healthier life.
  • Constant learning, constant teaching Constant learning helps us raise our collective efforts, engages our team, and gives customers something new to discover.

People are demanding information and looking for answers like never before!
What was missing was a hub to bring them all together.

Pure Integrative Pharmacy brings both worlds together. We are here to provide you with integrative health expertise, products, and support, all in ONE place. We aspire to be a Hub of Health. Each location is staffed with qualified natural health advisors and pharmacists experienced in meeting patient needs—whether that be a prescription medication, or a drug mixture prepared in a strictly controlled Compounding lab, a natural and homeopathic remedy, a private one-on-one prescription consultation, or a fresh new look from our wide selection of natural supplements and skin care products. 

Like any hub, we have a central focal point – our customer.

We strive to deliver the following experiences:

Transparency, Education, Sustainability – No single one of us has all the answers, but we all have a part of the answer. We strive to be transparent and work in a collaborative approach with practitioners, staff, suppliers, experts and customers. We educate our patients with in store demos and seminars and we believe our health is intertwined with the health of the earth. Every action we take creates are environment, and everything is vetted through the lens of sustainability.

Cure Agnostic – Our vision is to continue to shape the future of pharmacy services and improve the health outcomes for our patients by empowering customers to take control of their health. We achieve this with trained, compassionate staff that work together integrating the best practices from multiple schools of thought. When you walk in the door of any Pure Integrative Pharmacy, you can expect a respectful, understanding, and supportive environment. When it’s time to focus on the individual customer in front of us and talk about their health, nothing else matters.

Our Golden Circle – Most companies can tell you what they do. They may be able to tell you how they do it, but very few can tell you why. Here is our what, how and most importantly, why.

Pure Logo Explained – Wondering what our star symbolizes? The star is a completely unique icon blending the cross of traditional pharmacy with complementary remedies. In blending a conventional medical cross symbol with a diagonal cross background, we created a logo that tells the story of our integrative pharmacy!

Pure Integrative Pharmacy is your hub of health, where the world’s best natural, homeopathic, and pharmaceutical remedies are brought together under one roof. We are convinced you’ll agree it’s a change for the better. Let Pure Integrative Pharmacy be your hub of health. 

Pure Pharmacy is leading the integrative healthcare movement.

Pure Integrative Pharmacy began with the goal of bringing together traditional pharmacy services with natural health solutions, to create an integrative health environment. We believe that the role of the pharmacy is changing. This new approach focuses on enhancing vitality by adopting a holistic attitude towards health and wellness. In this approach, we are committed to providing services and products of the highest quality, and moreover, to empowering people to take a more active role in their health and well-being.  

Here’s how our story begins…

Pure Pharmacy was born from the strong desire to establish a trustworthy and welcoming environment, where all members of the community could feel confident that they were receiving the very best personalized care, the most qualified consultation, and the finest products on the market. In 1999, it was this vision that drove Bob Mehr, Pharmacist (Pure owner and founder) and his pharmacist wife, Mahtab, to establish their first location in Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island. Now, 18 years later Pure Pharmacy is thriving. Since then, this dynamic duo has proceeded to change the face of pharmacies and prescription service in British Columbia.  Their vision has expanded to include several locations in the Greater Vancouver area, and the numbers continue to grow.

In this journey, Pure Pharmacy has grown into its role as an all-in-one healthcare hub.

Providing a wide range of health and wellness services and products—such as compounding labs, pharmacy services, dietary alternatives, vitamins and supplements, homeopathic products, herbal dispensaries, private one-on-one consultations, natural beauty products and wellness clinics—Pure Integrative Pharmacy has truly become the one-stop shop. A new world of healthcare is unfolding before our eyes, and we are just beginning to write our story. It is a story of healthcare integration, personalized care, and access to information. At Pure Integrative Pharmacy, we believe that success should be measured by the positive impact we make on the lives of our customers and on the communities within which we serve. We are working hard to lead this new movement.